Physical complaints/limitations

Pilates can improve your physical complaints like, back- and neckpain, painful joints, muscle tension and stress.


Characteristics of scolises are weak core stability and a non-neutral spine.

Scolioses can not be cured but it is of importance to lengthen, strengthen and/or stretch the right muscles and to learn how to keep the spine in an upright position from deep within.

Pilates techniques train especially the deeper lying muscles, responsible for good posture and an well balanced movementpattern.


To prevent a (recurring) herniated disc it is very important to train the deeper lying core muscles and the muscles around the spine that contribute to good posture.

Training muscles after long period of bedrest

Muscles become less strong and much weaker after a long period of bedrest. As soon as you start to move, your muscle strenght will return. But are you looking for support to strenghten your muscles and to regain confidence in your own body, Pilates is a beautiful trainingsmethod.

Dismissed from fysiotherapy

Are you dismissed from fysiotherapy and are you looking for a responsible way of training your body, Pilates is your trainingsmethod. To avoid your injury from coming back, it is very important to train your body in a proper and safe way.