Online pilates

We offer online interactive pilates classes daily. Sessions are taught by Trudy (owner studio) through a livestream connection. Unfortunately actile corrections are not possible but I can give verbal directions though. You will get the feeling of being in a real class session.

To be able to follow the online classes you need a good internet connection and you need to download the application “zoom” on your computer, tablet or smartphone (with camera and microphone). The zoom app needs to be on the same device you receive your mails. The bigger the screen, the more clear you will be able to follow the class.

Furthermore you need a mat, blanket and possibly some weights (small water bottles will do as well).

More or less an hour prior to class, you will receive a mail with a link to the livestream. Therefor signing in will be closed an hour befor the beginning of the class.

Class starts prompt, so make sure you install yourself.

When you open the link, you will come in the “waintingroom”. You probably will be able to see other participants. Microphones will be on mute. Trudy will unmute all befor class to say hello and for introduction. during class everybody, apart from Trudy, will be muted. After class you will be unmuted again to be able to give your feedback.

Reservations can be made in fitmanager. With your regular credits.

New clients need to register first (under “new client”).