Pilates Private class
In a privat class you will get a programme, designed for your personal goals. We will use all equipment available in the studio. After an intake your teacher will design a programme to help you  improve, in your own pace your personal health and vitality. 

Pilates Max les
Pilates Max class is suitable for anyone who has specific wishes regarding recovery or vitality.  This class is accessible for max 6 people and everyone will get a tailor made programme and works on his/her own goals.  People still seeing a fysiotherapist or after their therapy, wishing to work on further recovery or rehabilitation, experience this class as very  beneficial. We will use all equipment available in the studio.


“In one session you’ll feel the difference – in 30 sessions you’ll have a new body.” Joseph Pilates


Pilates Reformer / Allegro Tower les

In this class we teach a very small group of max 4 people on all equipment available in the studio. This class is suitable for people with some pilates experience (either mat, pilates max or privat). The Allegro Tower class offers a large repertoir of exercises and is experienced as fairly intensive.

Pilates Mat les

In the Pilates Mat class we allow up to 12 people to sign up. After a (usually) standing warm-up all exercises are being performed lying on back, side or stomach. We often use props, such as pilates arc, pilates circle, foam roller, soft ball, small balls, elastic band, fit ball.  The focus is to improve posture, core stability, muscle strenghtening, muscle lengthening and flexibility.

Pilates Full Body les

This group class of max 12 people is more intense than the regular mat class. We often use props as mentioned above.

Yin Yoga

Yin yoga is growing in popularity. The postures in this form of yoga are being held 3 to 5 minutes. The focus is to strengthen and stretch connective tissue and joints. 

Sivananda Yoga

This authentic, derived from Hatha, form of yoga is for anyone looking for a balance in movement and rest, strength and flexibility.  In Sivananda Yoga the emphasis is health and wellbeing of the practitioner.