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In our fully equipped Pilates studio, we combine the traditional Pilates methods with the most modern equipment to help improve your physical and mental wellbeing.

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In Huis van Pilates we assist you to improve your physical strength and agility. The Pilates method is not only designed for a better physical shape and condition, but also focuses on the connection between body and mind.

Classes are suitable for both women and men of all ages, regardless of any experience or disabilities. We value a personal approach, with extensive individual attention and tailor-made programs focusing on your personal needs and goals.

Pilates Max classes are especially suitable for those recovering from injuries.



In Huis van Pilates we teach two forms of yoga; Yin Yoga and Sivananda Yoga. 

Yin Yoga focuses on stretching and strengthening connective tissue and joints. Every pose is held 3 to 5 minutes.

Sivananda Yoga is an authentic, from Hatha derived, form of yoga suitable for anyone looking for balance in movement and rest, strength and flexibility.